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Player Passes

For insurance purposes there will be NO EXCEPTIONS made for players without a player pass. All players must have a valid, non-expired player pass in order to play. Please be sure to get any completed player pass information to the league as soon as possible to expedite the processing of the passes.

Each Team is allowed 22 players on the roster. Additionally, each team is allowed 2 guest players. Guest players must show their Drivers License in addition to a guest pass issued to each team. They must also sign the waiver on the back of the line up card.

Please familiarise yourself with the Rules of player passes and dropping players as follows;

Important Notes

bullet There is a $5.00 charge for replacement of lost or destroyed player passes.
bullet Player ADD/DROP forms can be completed on-line or requested by contacting the league.
bullet Player passes are transferable within the league.  See Section 3 below for more information.
bullet Player passes are reusable for players returning to the same team.  See Section 2 below for more details.
bullet All passes must be current. Expired passes will result in the player not being allowed to play.

Section 1: Requesting Player Pass

  1. To add players: Players or Manager can use the online form
    or players can include the following information in their email and send it to:
    Team Name:, Player Name:, Address:, DOB:, Phone#:, Email:(Optional)
  2. Photos for player passes can be emailed or mailed in: If emailing photos the subject line should read: Team Name_Player's Name_DOB.jpg
    Photos should be in JPEG format and in color, facial shot with no obstructions such as hats, glasses and so on.(No funny faces please)
    Photos and the above information can be included in one email.
  3. If mailing Photos in: Please include the above information either on the back of photo or on a separate piece of paper.
    All mail should be sent to: Silicon Valley Soccer Association | P.O. Box 5693 | Redwood City, California 94063-0693

  4. After the third game of the season a $3.00 PER PLAYER PASS fee will be charged.

    Please allow 10 days to process the passes.

Section 2: Returning Players

bullet Players returning to the same team as last season can use the same pass for the returning season. Provided the pass is not expired.
bullet Expired passes must be returned to the League for renewal.

Section 3: Transferring Players

Player passes are transferable to other teams within the league. If a player is transferring to another team:

  1. Return the player pass to the league. Use the PLAYER ADD/DROP form (Under Forms) to drop the player from your team.
  2. New team's manager should add the player using the PLAYER ADD/DROP form to add the player to their roster.
  3. The league will transfer and validate the pass and return it to the new team's manager.
  4. The team that dropped the player will have them removed from their roster.

Section 4: Dropping Players

bullet ON LINE: Complete the PLAYER ADD/DROP form and return the player pass to the league.
bullet BY Mail: Return the player pass to the league, with a note stating DROP included.
Once the player pass has been received by the league the player will be removed from the roster, creating an open spot.